VoiceMap as an interactive learning tool

Earlier this year a primary school teacher from Saint John’s school in Puerto Rico used our platform to create a tour with her Grade 6 class. Gabriella Centeno and her Social Studies students published an audio tour of the historic centre of old San Juan. Using their imagination, the students brought the buildings to life. This enabled the structures to share their own stories, regaling passers-by with their rich history and tumultuous pasts.

Gabriella and her colleague, Pilar Álamo, found us while looking for ways to make learning more interactive. They wanted to be able to link historical content with modern media so as to grab their students’ attention. A location-aware audio tour provided the solution.

Gabriella split her class into groups, and each group was responsible for researching and creating the content on one of the historical buildings in the old town. Our VoiceMap editors provided support with mapping and editing. Once the tour had been published the final product was converted into a communal experience. Students, parents and teachers were able to go on the tour and engage with their city in a more personal way.

Listen to Gabriella and Pilar talk about the project, with the help of some of their students, below:

You can find their Talking Buildings audio walking tour here.

There are no costs involved in creating a tour, so if you’re interested in experimenting with this medium please contact us: [email protected].

2 thoughts on “VoiceMap as an interactive learning tool”

  1. I am so proud of our students and their accomplishment. Thank God for the teachers that made this posible, mrs. Gabriella and Ms. Alamo.

  2. What a great way to connect history with technology. Loved the guided tour and loved the idea. Great job!

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