Webinar Recording: Introducing Our New, Improved Pricing Plans

VoiceMap held a webinar in April to introduce publishers to the two new pricing plans we’ve launched as well as the extra features and services that are now included in the Pro and Premium plans. 

If you missed it, here’s a recording of the hour-long discussion. We talk about the “old plans” and how and why we’ve improved them. Key to this are  quicker turnaround times for tour production, along with additional production services, and more structured support with tour distribution and everything else that goes into getting VoiceMap tours noticed and promoted. 

You may want to jump to a specific topic, which you can do by viewing the highlights below. At the end, we answer some questions which you may have been thinking about yourself. 

Some highlights from the webinar:

(3:35) The introduction of the two new plans

(5:03) How will the new plans help with producing audio tours

(6:36) A look at what’s new in MapMaker, to help you know when your estimated review date will be 

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