Armchair audio tours

It can feel a little bit like magic when VoiceMap tours point out a revealing detail at exactly the right moment, to show you something you’d normally walk by without a sideways glance. But it’s actually a spell that has been carefully produced by our editors, who help every single one of our publishers with the ins and outs of automatic GPS playback.

That’s why we’re surprised by our data, which suggests that for a surprising number of VoiceMap’s listeners, automatic playback doesn’t matter at all. In fact, over the last 12 months, about 15% of them have started tours more than 100 kilometres from their starting points. And about a quarter have used the VoiceMap app’s Continuous Play feature, which is designed for listeners who might be at home washing the dishes, or on their way to work – or on an aeroplane at the start of a trip.

How to use VoiceMap like an audio book or podcast

The starting point screen for Annie Sargent's tour Montmartre: More than Meets the Eye.
The starting point screen for Annie Sargent’s tour Montmartre: More than Meets the Eye. Continuous Play is at the bottom right.

There are three ways to play a VoiceMap tour once you’ve downloaded it:

  1. Start Tour, which has a button that activates when you’re close to the starting point
  2. Resume, which starts the tour at the location closest to you, wherever you are
  3. Continuous Play

If you select either Start Tour or Resume, VoiceMap uses automatic GPS playback. After audio at one location ends, you only hear the next location’s audio when you get there – or you skip tracks manually. Continuous Play works differently: GPS playback is disabled, and the tour plays one location after the other, from beginning to end. Continue reading “Armchair audio tours” »